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The Art Of Intention


  1. Molmaran says:
    Oct 10,  · Intention is very much like this. It is the truth that lies behind our actions, thought, and words. It is the motivator and if we examine the process of creation carefully, we see that intention is the determining factor in the results we achieve, not the acts themselves which is what is commonly held to be true.
  2. Zulkizahn says:
    Sensing an intent, then, is an inescapable part of how art affects the audience. Like a Method actor’s objective, which I shall explore later, the palpability of intent can drive the experience. Working empirically, consider the Miletus Torso of Apollo .
  3. Yoshakar says:
    Mar 12,  · The word intentional means to do something on purpose (1). So intentional living means to live life on purpose. An intentional life is one where you choose your actions and reactions. And instead of living life on auto-pilot, you take charge of your future as well as your present happiness.
  4. Bralabar says:
    Oct 22,  · The Art of Flaneuring is to wander intentionally in an aimless way. It is a technique to use mindfulness, live in the moment, and get some exercise. It was first practiced by rich, slightly drunken Frenchmen in the late s. In modern times, it isn’t so limiting.4/4(7).
  5. Meztisida says:
    The Art of Intentions. likes. Life coaching grounded in intentions, mindset, and experimentation.
  6. Mular says:
    Art in its motion and colours can influence the emotional response you have towards your focus or intent. So for example if you want to have more love. If you have a beautiful piece of art created with the intention of making that happen then everytime your conscious or subconscious mind sees that art a link is made to that focus adding more.
  7. Malagar says:
    Aug 28,  · At its most basic definition, an intention is a thought. But more than that, it is an aspiration of the soul. As Emily Hudson so beautifully articulates, “By calling to the forefront of your mind what your soul is needing most, you can use your intention to .
  8. Goltikinos says:
    Knowing what you want is an art. This is the Art of Intention. Free Choice. As human beings, we have the gift and burden of Free Choice. We choose what we do, under our current circumstances. Sometimes our choices are limited by circumstances, but we do have choice.

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